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Police Recruiting and Training week 3 discussion 1

Your department has been concerned about the qualityof police applicants. Training is an expensive process for the department, andrecently, a substantial number of applicants have not successfully completedthe training academy because they have washed out or quit.

As you are recruiting candidates for the department, what types of candidatesshould you attempt to recruit? What kinds of candidates should your departmenttry to avoid? Are there certain incentives that can be offered to attracthighly qualified individuals? If so, what are they? How would you attractindividuals who are looking for a career and not a job?  

Our discussion first then individuals response, just need to tell the bad and good of the discussion lit references thanks

Individuals answer :

Orison: I think when it comes down torecruiting new officers the needs of the department and community play bigparts. In some departments intimidation and bruit force are of higherimportance while in others the hug a thug approach is higher ranking.  So eachdepartment looks for different traits in their candidates. In our department welook for someone who has equal balance between the two above. We are locatedtwo hours from anywhere and when it comes right down to it our officers have tobe able to hold their own because there is not backup close. The other issue weface in our location is that new recruits from the academies want to be in thebigger cities where the “action” is and where there are things to do offduty.  Departments should avoid those job seekers who have a hard timestaying with the truth or have had recent criminal activity history.  Inour case most of our applicants get kicked out for drug use in the last fouryears and for lying during the CVSA or on their application. We use our scheduleof 12 hour shifts with a three four rotation as part of the incentive. There isalso pay increases for years of service and for completion of the FTO processand other career goals. We are working toward having take home cars as well buthave not gotten into a position for that yet. I have heard about other citiesusing reduced utility rates for their employees as an incentive as well. In thecase of a rural community we try and sponsor local candidates through anacademy. This way we are hiring local people who are already established in ourcommunity and have a vested interest in making it a better place to live. We have found that if we hire officers out of the academy from the citiesthey tend to get a year or two of experience and then go to the cities so wewere a stepping stone and training facility more or less.

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