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Crimes Malain se and Mala Prohibita C Discussion 2 week 2

Doyou agree that there are some behaviors that are objectively and universallywrong or evil? Explain why or why not? Other than those suggested above, nametwo other possible examples of crimes mala in se and why they would beconsidered to be in this category.

YesI believe that there are multiple behaviors that are wrong. My number onebehavior that I find absolutely wrong is committing hate crimes because of aperson’s sexual orientation. But this topic goes both ways, if you pushyourself on a straight person then they have the right to tell you that theydon’t agree with your choice. But if they dislike you just because of yoursexual orientation even though you have not forced your beliefs on them thenthat is just plain wrong. Another behavior that I find to be morally wrong isfor someone to dislike someone based on their skin color. Racism breeds hateand when you hate someone based on their race then you are only settingyourself up for disappointment or worse by getting hurt.

•Canyou think of situations in which murder, rape, or cannibalism would beacceptable? What would these situations be? Are there any ways in whichculture, time period, or even specific situations might make them objectivelywrong? Explain your answer.

Murderis the only one of the three that I would find to be acceptable at all. If aperson kills someone then they too should be killed in the same manner. I fullybelieve in eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. Rape will never be acceptablein my personal opinion and neither will cannibalism. Cannibalism is a topic allon its own because I have heard stories where people ate other people in orderto survive. I cannot honestly say that I would never do that because in truth Ihave never been put in that situation so I honestly do not know what I woulddo. In some cultures they believe in cannibalism and even honor killings. Thereare cultures that take both of those topics very seriously especially the honorkillings. Women are expected to act and live certain ways and if she is thoughtto not be living right or have dishonored her family then she will be killed torestore honor. Honor killings happen to this day still in other countries and Iam personally glad that I live in a country where I do not have to worry aboutbeing killed in order to restore honor.

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