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Morality and ________ are relevant to all personal, social, and professional spheres of human existence. (Points : 1)  

ethical inquiry


professional codes of conduct


social justice


all of the above

Question 2. 2. Contemporary ethics are divided into three general categories or subject areas which  are: (Points : 1)  moral ethics, applied ethics, and metaethics.
 normative ethics, metaethics, and applied ethics.
 normative ethics, applied ethics, and moral ethics.
 none of the above

Question 3. 3. The informal values of police subculture have been linked with a variety of forms of: (Points : 1)  codes of conduct.
 police deviance.
 applied ethics.

Question 4. 4. The three primary components of criminal justice are: (Points : 1)  ethics, police, and courts.
 police, courts, and corrections.
 corrections, ethics, and police.
 codes of conduct, corrections, and courts.

Question 5. 5. We can understand morality as living life: (Points : 1)  self-consciously.
 as the law states one should.
 seeking personal happiness at any cost.
 according to previous personal experiences.

Question 6. 6. ________ refers to the refusal to entertain criticisms or challenges to one’s beliefs. (Points : 1)  Pragmatism

Question 7. 7. ________ argues that morality is relative to particular cultures, time periods, and even subcultures within cultures and time periods. (Points : 1)  Metaethics

Question 8. 8. Freedom is often referred to as ________, or the power to make choices and engage in actions that originate with ourselves. (Points : 1)  determinism
 free will
 freedom of choice

Question 9. 9. While ________ is the least precisely defined of all fields of ethical inquiry, there are several identifiable concerns that commonly arise in discourse. (Points : 1)  metaethics
 normative ethics
 free will

Question 10. 10. Under determinism, ________ becomes limited (if not eliminated). (Points : 1)  free will
 moral responsibility
 A and B
 none of the above

My answers are 1.d, 2.d, 3.b, 4.b, 5.b, 6.a, 7.d, 8,d, 9, b,.10.c

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