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 week 3  Discussion 2

Religion and Criminal Justice

Whatis the difference between Absolute Divine Command Theory and Moderate DivineCommand Theory? Absolute is like 100% certainty that the divine command theoryis by God alone and that God decides between right and wrong and we are to liveby what God says is right or wrong. Moderate is like saying that some of whatGod says is wrong is wrong and some of what Allah says is wrong but they differfrom each other because different faiths have different beliefs.

•Whatrole should religion play in the making of law and policy in criminal justice?Why?

Whenlooking back at the history of the United States and the creation of theconstitution there was a written separation of church and state so that thereis not an absolute religion for the United States so that each citizen canpractice whatever religion they want to. At the same time we have a moralobligation and as Christians we want to be moral and to do the right thing. Ithink that the ten commandments of the bible which were defined by the God Iserve should be the laws that everyone should follow. They cover murder,adultery, coveting, lying, stealing, and more.

•Inwhat ways might religion be used in rehabilitative practices? Why should it beused or why should it not be used?

Whenyou look at prisons and the people who are in one they sometimes find a higherpower to serve and they begin to read the bible and live life like they shouldand make amends for what they did wrong. I do not think that a specificreligion should be forced on someone or even just religion itself. As citizenswe have the right to practice our religion that we are involved in but weshould not be forced to practice a religion.

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