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Promotionin a Police Organization week 1 discussion 1

Write a response to the following prompt:

  • Describe the possible component parts of an assessmentcenter, and the advantages of using this approach to hiring and promotingpersonnel.  
  • What are some of the factors that influence whether ornot one is promoted, and what are some of the problems that one faces onassuming a higher supervisory role?

The possible components of an assessment center are: interviews, psychological test, in-basket exercises, management tasks, group discussions, role playing exercises, the public and news media, fact finding exercises, oral presentations exercises, and written communications exercises (Peak, Gains & Glensor, 2010).  I agree with all of the above except the news media.  I know that some crimes need to be publicized in order to keep the public safe, but crimes like graffiti should not be publicized.  That only encourages the vandals to do more. 

The assessment centers would be used for hiring the best and capable personnel for middle management and for the supervisor positions.  According to our text, “The assessment center method is now increasingly utilized for selecting people for all management or supervisory ranks” (Peak, Gains & Glensor, 2010).  This will help police departments or other departments chose the right person for the job. 

  The factors that have influence on those seeking a higher position is “the first step is to identify behaviors important to the successful performance of the position” (Peak, Gains & Glensor, 2010).  To me, this means you would want someone who is strong and can handle all sorts of problems thrown their way.  Also you want someone who will listen without judgment, before giving their advice.

  The one important problem with hiring in-office is the stress that comes along with the job.  Officers who move up are now in charge of their friends, who used to be their equals.   It would be hard to give orders and/or discipline those you use to be equal to.   

Peak, K., Gaines, L. & Glensor, R. (2010). Police supervision and management in an era of community policing (3rd ed.) Upper saddle, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN: 9780135154663

Heather: It is good to know the components of anassessment center. Some of the advantages to using a assessment center. You mentioned thenews media. News dissemination is a delicate yet important undertaking foragency leaders and public information officers (Peak, Gains &Glensor, 2010, p.42). The media has to respect thepolice, and not report a story as in your example of graffiti. But, at the sametime they are there because the community has a right to know what is going onaround them. Assessment Centers are there as you said for selecting people forall management or supervisory ranks. Oneof the main reasons the assessment center came to be was people received promotions to Sergeant, Lieutenant,Captain, and above who couldn’t lead themselves out of the building, let alonelead men and women toward accomplishing organizational objectives (Jetmore,2008). It is good to know that someone could handle all kinds of problems Supervisorsprovide a important communications link, and are one of their duties are Supervisorsprovide a important link between workers and management. They are there as yousaid to Listens to problemsvoiced by officers  (Peak, Gaines, & Glensor, 2010). Overallgood job on your discussion.


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