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Applying for a job for a position call Custody and Visitation Mediator I.  Need a to present with my resume.  Letter should be something in relationship to the job applying for. Below is job description. One page only.


The District Court of District 12 seeks a mediator to provide uniform services in the Custody and Visitation Mediation Program in accordance with NC General Statutes §50-13.1. These cases involve unresolved issues about the custody and visitation of minor children in an effort to reduce litigation of custody and visitation disputes.

The primary duties of the position include but are not limited to:

  • Conduct orientation sessions advising clients of what to expect in the custody mediation process.
  • Provide a structured, confidential, non-adversarial setting to facilitate the cooperative resolution of custody and visitation disputes.
  • Facilitate mediation sessions using neutral mediation techniques to assist parties in reaching agreements.
  • Utilize knowledge of child development and family dynamics to assist parties in making decisions.
  • Assist parties in developing parenting agreements that are in the best interests of children and reducing those agreements into a well-written parenting agreement.
  • Interact with courts and the court community to foster confidence in and provide accurate information about custody mediation.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities / CompetenciesKnowledge of: child development and family dynamics; mediation and negotiation techniques; case management principles; report formulation; and time management.Skills in: oral and written communication; analysis; conflict resolution; public speaking; Microsoft Word; and using general office equipment including computers, printers, telephones.Ability to: use neutral techniques of mediation obtained through training and experience; assist parties in evaluating the impact of specific custody and visitation arrangements on children that they might be considering; maintain neutrality in the treatment of the parties; diffuse threatening situations, if necessary; assist in the resolution process; manage cases and meet program goals in a timely manner; and draft parenting agreements.Must posess valid NC Driver’s License.Minimum Education and Experience RequirementsMaster’s degree in psychology, social work, family counseling, or a comparable human relations discipline and two years of experience in these fields or comparable areas.Management prefers applicants with two (2) or more years of experience in mediation or negotiation and public speaking skills.Additionally, for a person to qualify to provide mediation services pursuant to NC General Statutes §39A (7A-494), he or she must have at least forty (40) hours of training in mediation techniques by a qualified instructor of mediation as determined by the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC). This training may be acquired before employment with the NCAOC or may be provided while on the job.


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