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In chapter 2, you created an interactive named MarshallesRevenue, and in Chapter 3 you created a GUI version of the application named MarshallsRevenueGUI. The program prompt a user for the number of interior and exterior murals scheduled to be painted during the next month by Marshall’s Murals. Next, the programs compute the expected revenue for each type of mural when interior murals cost $500 each and exterior murals cost $750 each. The applications also display the total expected revenue and a statement that indicates whether more interior murals are scheduled than exterior ones. Now modify one or both of the applications to accept a numeric value for the month being scheduled and to modify the price as follows:
• Because of uncertain weather conditions, exterior murals cannot be painted in December through February, so change the number of exterior murals to 0 for those months.
• Marshall prefers to paint exterior murals in April, May, September, and October. To encourage business, he charges only $699 for an exterior mural during those months. Murals in other months continue to cost $750.
• Marshall prefers to paint interior murals in July and August, so he charges only $450 for an interior mural during those months. Murals in other months continue to cost $500.

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