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  • Explain your motivation for studying communication
  • Explain the benefits that come from understanding communication in your personal and professional life.
  • Chose one definition below  that comes closest to your own personal definition of communication. Explain why you chose this particular definition.

Definition 1

Communication is a process of acting on information.

Definition 2

“Communication is the discriminatory response of an organism to a stimulus.”a

Definition 3

“Communication… is an ‘effortafter meaning,’ a creative act initiated by man in which he seeks todiscriminate and organize cues so as to orient himself in hisenvironment and satisfy his changing needs.”b

Definition 4

“Speech communication is a human process through which we make sense out of the world and share that sense with others.”c

Definition 5

“In the main, communication hasas its central interest those behavioral situations in which a sourcetransmits a message to a receiver(s) with conscious intent to affect the latter’s behaviors.”d

Definition 6

Communication is a process whereby people assign meanings to stimuli in order to make sense of the world.

Definition 7

Communication is “thetransmission of information, ideas, emotions, skills, etc., by the useof symbols—words, pictures, figures, graphs, etc.”e

Definition 8

Spoken symbolic interaction is the process by which people use words and other symbols to create meaning and to affect one another.

Definition 9

Nonverbal interaction is the unspoken, often unintentional behavior that accompanies verbal communication and helps us fully interpret its meaning

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